Online Poker

Dealing with Long Card-Dead Periods

by Jeremy

Because of the variance associated with online poker tournaments, there are going to be plenty of times where you go card dead. And unfortunately, sometimes these card-dead periods last over a series of tourneys!

When you’re continually being dealt K-6(o) or ace-rags in early position and 9-4(o) or T-3(o) in late position, it’s extremely frustrating because you can only play these hands in the rarest of circumstances. And what happens to most players is that they try forcing things just to stay alive in tournaments. Obviously forcing the action in poker can lead to poor play, so let’s discuss some suitable alternatives for when the cards run dry.

Expand your Range

As we just mentioned, forcing action can hurt your long-term results. However, you also can’t sit around waiting for the blinds to get you either. So a good thing to do during card-dead periods is slightly expand your range. This is especially the case in late position where you can steal some blinds and small pots against the right opponents.

Represent the Board

A more specific tip is to represent the board when you don’t have the cards. For example, if there’s a board of 7-5-T rainbow and everybody checks, you can check too; then, if another 7 were to be dealt, you could make a large bet and take down the pot - even if you’re only holding Q-3.

Realize Better Opportunities will come

Overall, the most important thing to remember during dry card spells is that things will eventually turn around. So rather than making foolish plays out of frustration, you need to maintain focus and keep playing solid poker. Sure these better opportunities may not come in the current tournament - or even the next five tourneys. However, if you maintain composure and keep playing well, your results will eventually reflect this.

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