Lock Poker Scam continues: Players owed $3.1m

by Jeremy Olson on October 22, 2014

Lock Poker continues sinking further into the abyss as their player traffic decreases and their debt to players keeps mounting. Thanks to information by both TwoPlusTwo poster ‘IHasTehNutz’ and EverythingPokerNJ, it’s been confirmed that Lock players are owed over $3.1 million.

Currently, 394 players are awaiting a combined $941,000 in withdrawals - money that hasn’t been paid in over a year. Furthermore, 205 of these players have another $2.2 million in their accounts. A surprising statistic in all of this is how the US-friendly Lock Poker needs to honor $1.7 million in balances to Rest-Of-World-Players (ROW) - most of whom are in Italy.

The chances of people ever seeing these collective millions are pretty slim. For starters, PokerScout shows that Lock only averages 34 cash game players an hour. And many of these players are merely throwing around funds that are deemed to be practically worthless. In recent months, players have been on TwoPlusTwo shopping their Lock Poker funds for less than $0.10 on the dollar.

Another problem for Lock is that their former network, Revolution Gaming, lost confidence in them. Revolution split ways with the struggling poker site after Lock failed to pay their fees. The Poker Players Alliance has since sent emails to the site inquiring about their ability to pay players back. Not surprisingly, there’s been no real response to the PPA.

Some have wondered if the US government would step in and do something about this situation, much like they did with Black Friday. Unfortunately, there’s little confidence in this, given that Lock Poker is a much smaller operation than PokerStars, UB or Full Tilt. Moreover, the US government cracked down on Full Tilt, UB and PokerStars because these sites were making so much non-taxed money off of US residents - not because they cared about the players. So Lock Poker might just be a fly on the wall to the US Department of Justice.