Lock Poker could have been rescued by Bryan Micon

by Jeremy Olson on May 1, 2015

Just recently, Lock Poker closed their cyber doors, taking an estimated $15 million in player funds with it. And one rumor that I covered involved the site’s owner, Jennifer Larson, trying to sell 49% of Lock Poker for $5 million. A heavy price tag for a failing online poker site, especially one with such a bad reputation. So it’s little surprise that there were no takers on this deal.

But what’s really disgusting is that Larson did have at least one very interested prospect that she refused to sell to. Via a report from PokerFuse, it appears that former SealsWithClubs owner Bryan Micon was interested in making a deal for Lock. Here’s the chat log from Micon to Larson, which turned up in an investigation on the former:

Hi Jennifer, I’m interested in buying the Lock Poker brand and all its software assets. You can give me a quick google and see that I started in 2011 and amassed a considerable wealth with the increase in Bitcoin price. I plan to relaunch the brand and make all players whole. I consider Lock Poker like Chrysler of the early 90’s. It’s a strong brand that needs a turn-around.

This was from some time within the last year, so it’s clear that Larson knew her site was failing. But in a final disgraceful act, she obviously chose not to sell to Micon. Now, one could say that maybe he didn’t offer enough. However, when you can’t even process withdrawals and pay players, it doesn’t matter if somebody is willing to buy you for $1 - do it!

I can only wonder if the same fate would’ve happened, though, when considering Micon’s legal troubles. He is currently a fugitive living in Antigua after being indicted on a charge of illegally running the Bitcoin site from within Nevada’s borders. Micon showed some honor by paying back all of his players and closing the site down. But if he’d owned Lock too, this might have spelled double trouble for him.