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Locals Happy to See Bad Beat Jackpot Won

by Poker Team

Locals at the Seminole Creek Casino are more than happy that the hysteria has died down now that a near $200K bad beat jackpot has been won. As word spread outside the casino that the jackpot had blossomed north of $150K, players began streaming in from other casinos such as the Isle at Pompano Park. This wasn’t amusing to the regulars at Seminole, who were used to having at least two open tables even during busy times.

The buzz among other poker players ultimately reached a loud roar as another month went by without the jackpot being hit. It topped $170K and at that point, the wait was up to 20 players deep. Even the secondary jackpot topped $100K as the cardroom management changed the rules slightly to funnel more money to the smaller jackpot during this historic run.

Ironically, both jackpots were hit on the same day in October. The locals couldn’t be happier, according to local Brad Sellmer, “It has been crazy in here for a while. I’m just glad that the jackpots were hit, now I won’t have to wait to play cards anymore. It stunk having all those people coming from other casinos to play just for the jackpot”.

Someone should let them know that the bad beat jackpot at Party Poker routinely dwarfs that amount.

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