Liv Boeree does Photo Shoot with PokerStars

by Jeremy

Long before Liv Boeree became a famous poker pro, she was modeling for big-time magazines like Maxim. So it should be little surprise that the British poker beauty recently did a photo shoot to advertise PokerStars mobile.

The jest of the ad is that Boeree is showing all of the different things she can do while playing PokerStars on a mobile device. For example, she is seen running, boating, rollerblading and rock climbing while using her smartphone. Okay, by now you may be commenting on how unrealistic it is to play Zoom Poker while climbing a rock wall, but the idea is just to show how convenient mobile games are.

We have to say that some of these photos of her are pretty hot, so we highly recommend that you check them out on the Liv Boeree Facebook page! Also, if she inspires you to play mobile poker, you should sign up at Stars and get a 100% up to $600 bonus while you’re at it.

As for Boeree’s playing career, she still remains one of the top female tournament pros with $2,229,910 in live winnings. 2012 hasn’t been her most profitable year ($108,421), but it’s still pretty solid in the grand scheme of things.

Her greatest accomplishments still remains winning the 2010 EPT San Remo tourney along with $1,698,300. She has also managed to collect 13 WSOP cashes and sits eighth on the women’s all-time tournament winnings list. All in all, Boeree has the poker skills to back up her looks!