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Lightning Strikes Twice for Lucky PokerStars Player, Pogo650

by Omar

Lightning Strikes Twice for Pogo650

There’s an old adage that says that lightning never strikes twice in the same place. Well, something that happened this past week over on PokerStars has everyone rethinking that very logic.  As most casual online poker players and fans know, PokerStars recently was in the midst of its 60 billionth hand promotion.  Leading up to the fateful hand, the world’s largest online site would be awarding cash to the players who happened to be dealt into one of any 300 milestone hands.

As each milestone hand approached, PokerStars would see their online traffic skyrocket to higher than normal player numbers.  In fact, in the two days leading up to hand 60 billion, the site reached 65,000 players, a feat they had only accomplished twice in the previous two months.

The fateful hand was dealt at the table Isa II, a $5-$10 Limit Hold’em table.  The winner of the hand was a player named Pogo650.  The final board ran out 2-K-3-6-9 and five players made it to the river showdown and Pogo650 had Q-3 offsuit for a measly pair of 3’s.  The weakish hand however, was strong enough to earn him a whopping $102,000 payout for essentially being at the right place at the right time.

Even more shocking was the fact that Pogo650 happened to win another milestone hand as well. For that particular win, he took down $3,335.  This incredible coincidence led to some suspicions on, though most are seemingly just good-natured. PokerStars is expected to have their 70 billionth hand sometime in the next year.

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