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LEOCOP IV - 4th Event

by Poker Team

Last night, The Ladbrokes European Online Championship of Poker IV (LEOCOP IV) held the fourth tournament on its unique schedule.  The event was a wallet friendly $22 buy in event and the site added $10,000 to the prize purse.  This particular event was labeled as a “Beat the Team” event as a bounty was placed on the head of all Ladbrokes’ pros.  The format differed from the average bounty tournament in the sense that as the tournament progressed, the bounty on all remaining pros continued to escalate.

Below is a list of the players who were able to collect bounties by ousting the pros.  The list is a sequential list with the online players’ screename along with the pros name and the amount collected:

skalie (Jon Kalmar) by PUSH73 - $200
ROYTHEBOY (Roy Brindley) by princessaces - $300
JaffaCake (Jeff Kimber) by Maddie84 - $400
U_Can_Try (Pasi Heinanen) by Murphtech - $500
Nebuchad (Jonas Danielsson) by eliman - $650
MGR-EDWARD (Edward Ihre) by stevied - $800
_Theah_ (Andreas Hoivold) by Sinbad01 - $900
Darth Maple (John Part) by brimolko - $1,250
Pokergirl1 (Morten Erlandsen) by HectorMcG - $2,000
Jaws180 (Colin Lloyd) by Acid - $3,000

Winner of LEOCOP IV

The historic tournament was eventually won by a player called “eliman”, who had already collected $650 for knocking out Jonas Danielsson.  His win netted him an additional $6,710. He was able to outlast GreenMan1 in a heads up match who took home $4,294 for his strong showing.


The remainder of the prize list shook at as follows:

3rd  - lurvelegg $2,818
4th - brim olko $2,013
5th - Acid $1,476
6th - Razork 8 $1,207
7th - PYTUPEPOE $939
8th - Plym legend $671
9th - 1875 $469
10th - laddog $335

The Beat the Team event was locally viewed as a great success  as Edward Ihre, MD of Ladbrokes Poker commented in a press release distributed today that, “The Beat the team event has been the most heavily subscribed of the festival so far, but we knew it would be popular. We all had a laugh and some good banter on the tables and the event epitomized what Ladbrokes Poker is about, online poker and community.”

Main Event of LEOCOP IV

This event continues throughout the week as the next event is a $220 buy in with one rebuy tournament.  The main event is a $1,100 deep stack event slated for November 9th.

Through innovative tournament offerings, this series is expected to increase in popularity in years to come.

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