Argentina’s Leo Fernandez suspended from Team PokerStars

by Jeremy Olson on September 19, 2013

LAPT Panama champion and Team PokerStars Pro Leo Fernandez has allegedly been suspended by PokerStars for multi-accounting. Although unconfirmed by Fernandez or his sponsor, this story comes from poker pro Dan Colman, who discussed the matter in an interview with

The HUSNG interviewer, Charles Hawk, asked Colman if he’d ever played against Fernandez because the latter had been spewing out tons of money lately. Colman replied with the following:

I don’t believe it is Leo playing on his account. Close to 100% positive it is Fabrizio “sixthsense19″ Gonzales. He is banned on stars and I believe this is the new account he is playing on. He is not terrible, but he isn’t going to be a winner without game selecting.

Gonzalez is widely regarded as Uruguay’s most successful online poker player, having made millions of dollars through tournaments. But according to PokerFuse, Gonzalez is banned from PokerStars and was using Fernandez’s account to continue pursuing the game. Unfortunately, as Colman indicated, Fernandez lost over $400,000 while playing under his buddy’s name.

If the recent reports are true, a multi-accounting suspension would be a huge blow to Fernandez’s career. After all, he’s one of the most popular poker players in South America, thanks to a number of strong tournament finishes.

The Buenos Aries native’s biggest accomplishment includes winning the 2012 LAPT Panama Main Event along with $171,930. Following his victory and being handed the LAPT trophy, an elated Fernandez said it was like “touching heaven with your hand.” He may have had similar euphoric feelings after winning the 2012 LAPT Sao Paulo High Roller ($71,717) and finishing second in the 2011 PCA $25k High Roller ($554,925).

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