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Layne Flack Misses Tournament After DUI

by Poker Team

On Saturday, Vanessa Selbst sat down for her round one matchup against Layne Flack for NBC’s National Heads-Up Championship.  However, when David Oppenheim sat down instead of Flack, the room began buzzing as something was clearly not right.  Unbeknown to the other players at the time, Flack missed his match because he was spending the night in a Las Vegas jail cell after being pulled over for speeding and charged with a DUI As bloggers and twoplustwo posters speculated about what happened to Flack, details have slowly emerged as to what happened.

After spending most of the evening at the draw party for the NBC event, Flack allegedly drove to a Las Vegas strip club and continued to party for several more hours.  Allegedly, after leaving the club, Flack was pulled over, failed a field sobriety test and was placed under arrest.  When reached for comment, Clark County officials would only confirm that Flack was in jail, but refused to comment on specific charges.

However, according to a post on the City of Las Vegas website, Flack was charged with DUI Liquor, speeding and failing to yield to an emergency vehicle, a trifecta of serious charges.

According to the Nevada DMV books, a typical first time DUI conviction carries up to 6 months in jail, a $1,000 fine and mandatory drug or alcohol treatment.  Unfortunately for Flack, this incident is not the first involving him being under the influence as he has admitted to being a recovering substance abuser.  Luckily for himself and others in the area, no one was injured as a result of his poor decision to drink and drive.

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