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Layne Flack Denies DUI Charges

by Poker Team

Speaking out for the first time since a DUI arrest in Las Vegas prevented him from taking part in NBC’s 2009 Heads-Up Poker Championship, poker pro Layne Flack claims he is innocent of the charges against him.

In a statement released on March 10th, Flack says

“I attended the Draw Party at Pure on Friday night and then met with my brother, who had flown into Vegas for the Heads Up.”

He also stated that the incident and arrest is not what caused him to miss his 1st round match against Vanessa Selbst.  Rather, he says he thought his match was to take place several hours later than he thought.  He went on to state that after being pulled over for a speeding violation, he refused a breathalyzer test and was taken into police custody.  He was unclear as to why he refused the test other than saying that was what he had been told to do in situations like those.

In addition, the statement released by Flack’s management team said that,

“A test, given by the Las Vegas PD, later revealed that I had a blood alcohol content of zero.  I also took a blood test, as I have nothing to hide. I was held for the mandatory 6 hours and released.  I have no idea why I was written a ticket for failing to yield to an emergency vehicle. There were no emergency vehicles around, besides the police car.  I always go out of my way to not drink and drive. I regret that I was not able to play in NBC Heads Up and hope to be invited next year to play in this prestigious event.”

Given the legal nature of this case, Flack is not expected to speak on the matter any further until the case against him is settled.

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