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Las Vegas Gaming Revenue Down 14%

by Poker Team

Beg poker players to start playing “regular” games announced last week that Vegas gambling revenue declined 14% in the month of July. Shortly following that announcement it was leaked that leaders from the large casinos such as The Bellagio and The Wynn have asked big poker players like Doyle Brunson and Phil Ivey to start playing “regular” games like Craps and Blackjack so that they have a shot at their money too.

When reached for comment, Phil just stared down the camera.

Doyle was out playing “handicapped” golf with Daniel Negreanu but had this to say : “If they want my money they’d better ask me to buy stock in their casinos. I’ll stick to poker where donks like Mike Matusow drop their entire bankroll on one hand of poker.”

Other rejected ideas to bring more revenue to Vegas included a windmill farm on the roof the Stratosphere.

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