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LarsLuzak is the Big Winner at Full Tilt

by Poker Team

The action was furious on the high stakes tables at Full Tilt Poker. LarsLuzak was the day’s big winner as he ended the sessions up over a half million dollars at the $500/$1000 Mixed HA tables.

While he played well, he was fortunate in that he caught some great preflop cards and hit some draws at opportune times.  When all was said and done, LarsLuzak won 4 pots over $200,000 each.  This offset some of the hands he lost as he minimized the damage in those.  Among his highlights were flopping set over set against Ziigmund for a $250,000 pot, besting Patrik Antonius for a $200,000 pot, winning a 3-way pot for close to $400,000, and later taking another $200,000 hand from Ziigmund.  All in all, he had a tremendous day.

Gus Hansen Flopped

While LarsLuzak was raking in the chips, Gus Hansen had one of his worst online days ever, posting over a million dollars in losses.  Hansen’s hyper aggressive nature, added to the high stakes being played, in addition to seemingly bad luck and timing, all contribution to his awful day on the virtual felt.  Hansen is a pro with an ample bankroll and no fear however, which means he is likely winning some of that money back as you read this.

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