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Lady Gaga Needs to Start an Online Poker Site

by Poker Team

Lady Gaga PokerBy now, if you have any interest in online poker whatsoever you know about HR 2267 passing through Congress about 10 days or so ago. Much of the discourse has since centered around how long it will take for the changes to go into effect and how exactly the online poker landscape will be changed. However, it seems that bloggers and media outlets alike are missing out on one key change that should, or dare I say, MUST happen as a result. Never mind that the masters of the online poker universe will now be free to operate as they so choose, further adding tons of revenue to their already deep pockets.

Lady Gaga Poker

Now more than ever, the time is right for an independent poker site to rise to the challenge. It can’t just be any old run of the mill cookie cutter site either. This new challenger needs to have pizzazz, it needs to have flair, most of all, it needs to have the kind of star power that appeals to the masses. To compete with the big boys, this poker site needs to be started by one of the world’s most recognizable people, a person who still has some connection to mainstream poker. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this site needs to be launched by none other than Lady Gaga. You read that correctly, Lady Gaga, the same Lady Gaga whose smash hit “Poker Face” became a popular song to poker players while appealing to those who weren’t already poker aficionados. She single-handedly brought key poker phrases into the lexicon of many people who had never before even attempted to play poker.

Lady Gaga Poker Promotions

The possibilities of cross promotion are endless; Lady Gaga freerolls for concert tickets; player points to be redeemed for merchandise or perhaps a sit and go with the Lady herself. What young adult wouldn’t go “gaga” at the possibility of playing a game of poker against one of the most popular pop stars of this generation? Not too many, that’s for sure.

It really is a win-win for everyone. New poker players would have a site that they could immediately relate to and enjoy. This would be a gold mine for those astute poker players as well. Now, they would have a place to go and square off against true novices of the game with monikers like “LadyGaga1” or “PokerFacer33”. The poker economy would absolutely explode and the game would be elevated to levels not seen since Chris Moneymaker first launched the poker boom with his surprising Main Event win several years ago.

This simply HAS to happen. We need to lead the charge and start a campaign to get Lady Gaga’s attention. The poker world needs her.

  • Dave

    HR 2267 passing through Congress no it did not it passed a Subcommittee. No house version is being worked on so it will be a long time before anything is done. Real poker players could give two shits about GAGA. We like fast action and security so lets get your facts straight.

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