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Phil Laak Wipes Out, Lands in Hospital

by Omar

Every once in a while, a television station will air some type of public service announcement warning of some type of danger that exists in the real world. Some of them center around the dangers of drinking and driving, some deal with “if you see something, say something”, on public transportation and some even implore children to steer clear of drugs. I recall even seeing one warning of the potential dangers of ATV (All-Terrain) Vehicles. Apparently, poker pro, Phil “The Unabomber” Laak missed that last one.

It was reported via Twitter over the weekend that the eccentric pro, and boyfriend of actress-turned-poker-pro Jennifer Tilly, was involved in an ATV accident while vacationing in Oregon with among others, fellow poker pro and best friend Antonio Esfandiari.

The vacation was designed to provide some stress relief but instead is now filled with time spent at an area hospital as Laak recuperates from some serious but not life-threatening injuries. Sometime before 8PM, Laak was involved in a single vehicle accident which landed him in the hospital with 7 broken bones.

Instead of his signature hoody, Laak is now sporting some right eye lacerations and bruising and broken bones in his right arm which has now been immobilized and is in a cast. From all accounts, the accident was so severe that Laak feels he is lucky to have his current amount of injuries.

We supposed he should have paid closer attention to those after-school specials.

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