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Kentucky Governor Brings Knife to a Gunfight

by Poker Team

After the rather brash move by Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear to gain control of over 100 gambling domains such as and, the call to action was led by the Poker Players Alliance. People were obviously listening as an “emergency summit” has been called for and will take place in the states capital of Frankfort, KY on October 6, 2008.

Hosted by the Bluegrass Institute, the summit hopes to not only address but bring public attention to the issues of censorship and the danger it poses to our freedoms. Also expected to attend the summit are the PPA, the Internet Commerce Association, the Interactive Media Entertainment and Gaming Association, and Americans for Tax Reform. There are efforts underway at many other Internet based forums to garner even more participation. Talks of an organized march on the state capital are also in motion.

It’s a safe bet right now that Mr. Beshear is perhaps wondering whom he just picked a fight with. If he thought these “faceless” overseas operators were just going to roll over and give up their businesses to him, he was clearly wrong. The irony here is that he’s also drawn the ire of hundreds of thousands of poker players and censorship opponents as well.

While Governor Beshear would surely frown upon this, we’d be willing to bet that this fight is only getting started and October 6th will mark the day that first big salvo is fired in this battle over Internet poker. We will provide updates as they occur in this developing story.

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