Jose ‘Girah’ Macedo returns…with a Cleaning Business

by Jeremy Olson on May 9, 2014

jose-macedo-cleaning-businessWe’ve got bad news for you: noted poker cheater Jose ‘Girah’ Macedo is back…only in a totally different industry.

The former “Portuguese Prodigy” is now operating a very successful business at Lancaster University in the U.K. And apparently, he and his two partners are doing very well as they’ve managed to collect €240,000 in revenue in just three months. Things only figure to grow from here since they’ve attracted another €140,000 in investments. Macedo discussed his rising business by saying the following:

We have started by cleaning bathrooms and bedrooms on the university campus. In only three months, we have managed to clean over 1,000 rooms. At the moment, we have many clients and we employ seven people, first we extended the service to kitchens within the campus and then also to apartments off of the campus.

It’s good for Macedo that he’s found success in a new industry. After all, he’d probably never be welcomed back into the poker community after the scandal he pulled a few years ago.

As some will recall, Girah, who was close friends with Dan ‘Jungleman12′ Cates and Haseeb Qureshi at the time, was involved in an online poker strategy discussion group. And he “tipped” some members of the discussion group about a supposed fish that played high stakes. In exchange for the tip, Macedo insisted that he sweat those who played the fish through Skype for strategy discussion purposes.

In reality, Macedo was behind the fish and he could see his opponents’ hole cards via Skype. His scandal was eventually discovered and he was ostracized from the poker community. What he did back then as a teenager was inexcusable. However, it’s possible that Macedo has turned a corner and is building his fortune the right way now.