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Jose “Girah” Macedo admits Cheating

by Jeremy

Jose “Girah” Macedo just earned his second strike for cheating in the poker world, and this one appears to be more blatant and malicious than the first time. The cheating scam saw Macedo direct some of his high stakes poker ‘friends’ into matches with “sauron1989,” who he alleged was a total fish. After setting up the heads-up poker matches with sauron1989, Macedo would then watch the players through remote software (with permission).

Little did these players know though that Macedo was also controlling the sauron1989 account, so he had access to his opponents’ hole cards. The TwoPlusTwo posters were on top of this subject rather quickly, and you can read their detailed notes on how the online poker scam went down.

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Repercussions have been harsh in the aftermath of Macedo’s second cheating scandal. First off, he lost his Lock Poker sponsorship, which was a large catalyst for his meteoric online poker rise over the past several months. The second big blow is that Macedo was fired from PokerStategy, where he was one of their top instructors.

Two other people who look bad in this story are Haseeb “INTERNET POKERS” Quereshi and Dan “Jungleman12″ Cates. These two online poker stars took Macedo under their wing, and promoted him throughout the poker community. Both pros were even thinking of moving to Portugal to live with Macedo so they could continue playing at PokerStars (not offered to US players any more). Since both players had a poker relationship with Macedo, they didn’t want the story to go public.

A TwoPlusTwo poster named “3x Range Merger” discussed this aspect of the story by writing, “Qureshi admits he had an emotional attachment to Girah, and that he was initially reluctant for news of the scam to go public because he had Jose’s staking money tied up in Lock Poker.”

As for Macedo’s first cheating incident, he apparently let a backer play on his account during a Lock Poker Challenge. He was then disqualified from the challenge and punished by his sponsor following this debacle.

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