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Jose Canseco Finds Trouble at WSOP

by Poker Team

Some people just can’t stay away from trouble.  There have been reports coming out of the Rio Hotel, site of the 2009 WSOP, that disgraced former major league baseball player Jose Canseco was involved in a scuffle with another poker player as he was preparing to cash out his chips following a session of $5-$10 no limit hold em.  How the former slugger actually has money to gamble is another question altogether as it has been widely believed that he is broke and recently filed for bankruptcy.

However, he is currently in Las Vegas fresh of the heels by his embarrassing showing in a recent Mixed Martial Arts match in which he lost in less than 2 minutes.  In this current impromptu match, Canseco’s opponent was a much smaller individual, a poker player identified only by his first name Todd, who was playing $2-$5 no limit hold em at a nearby table.  According to a post on by a friend of Todd’s who was pulled into the fray, the event begin innocent enough.  Allegedly, a petite blond was seated next to Todd when another player at his table said that Jose Canseco was playing at a nearby table.  Apparently, back in the 1980’s, Canseco was a bit of a hero to Todd and growing up in Oakland, he was a winner of some kind of promotion in which he got to meet several of the Oakland A’s.  When Canseco approached, Todd ran up and asked for his autograph and Canseco allegedly said “Beat it kid.”  Heartbroken, Todd never got over this event and upon hearing Canseco was nearby in the same poker room as him, he was not at all impressed.  As Todd was informed of Canseco’s presence, he said “Who cares, Canseco’s a p—k.”  The blonde seated near Todd then says “I am Jose Canseco’s girlfriend, and I can tell you for a fact that Jose never refuses an autograph. He loves his fans.”  Todd replied by saying “I’m sure he does, now that he’s a washed up loser who is broke and desperate for attention.”  In response, the blonde issued a bit of a challenge and says “”How would you like to say that to his face!” and Todd took her up on the offer.

The blonde went over to Canseco and told him what Todd said and here is a transcript of what went down:

Canseco: “Who’s been telling lies about me”.
Todd: “It wasn’t a lie, Mr. Canseco”. (Todd tells him the story of being shunned as a kid)
Canseco:”That’s a ****ing lie! That never happened!”.
Todd: “Oh it did happen, and don’t call me a liar, you freaking ‘roid Monkey.”

Canseco then reportedly threatened Todd and made moves to try to get to him but was quickly held back by a team of security that had quickly assembled on the scene.  Todd and his friend, and not Canseco were then asked to leave.

This story has stirred up some strong opinions, seemingly divided on both sides with some saying Canseco deserves what he gets for being such a reviled person and some saying that Todd needs to get over something that happened to him as a kid.  It is being reported that Canseco plans on taking part in the main event.  Hopefully he can keep his temper in check.

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