Is Jordan Cristos the Ultimate Poker Tanker?

by Jeremy Olson on March 16, 2015

Yes, at least in the mind of Daniel Negreanu, who blasted Jordan Cristos for his tanking tendencies via a blog post. Negraenu was responding to a Twitter argument about the WPT’s final-table structure, which now includes one-hour levels. This led to accusations that Cristos tanks far too much - something that definitely extends final-table play - and here are some of the tweets that king tanker sent out as a result:

@SavagePoker poker is a game of patience and I’m fine with making k’s while they complain. #goodformygame #cameforme #tankingchangedmylife

@DarryllFish @RealKidPoker @SavagePoker I acknowledge a lot of peers/elites disagree with me but that won’t change who I am or how I operate

@RealKidPoker @DarryllFish @SavagePoker Ive never clocked anyone in my life cause I respect the community and the game. Get off ur horse KP

@RealKidPoker @DarryllFish @SavagePoker so much hate for thinking thru decisions like everyone does when it’s crucial. I don’t get it.

Okay, fair enough. But Negreanu, who loves talking about what’s best for poker in the long term, also made his points through a Full Contact Poker post. Here are a couple of excerpts that really get into his beef with Cristos:

Let me try and explain it for you. No one is saying that it’s inappropriate to take your time when decisions are crucial. However, when you are under the gun, first to act, and go into the tank, most everyone agrees that this is crossing a line! When someone 4-bets you before the flop and you take more than 2 minutes to respond, most everyone agrees that this is excessive tanking.

When I play with players who consistently act within a reasonable amount of time, I don’t call the clock on them when they occasionally take a few minutes to make a decision. If there is a habitual tanker like yourself, then you have lost that privilege and courtesy.

[cont'd later] If everyone acted the way Jordan Cristos does in tournament poker, it would cease to exist. Not only would it destroy the structures where you get only 10-15 hands an hour, it makes the game boring for amateurs, which also eats into a pros profits. This is a choice. Jordan talks a lot about respecting the game and respecting the players, but his actions show absolutely no respect for other players time or what is best for the game or the community.

Negreanu closes by writing that he’s looking out for poker, not trying to bash Cristos and his tanking ways. The latter is certainly up for debate after reading what Kid Poker wrote, but he certainly makes some nice points about why excessive tanking hampers poker from an overall perspective.