Jonathan Duhamel details Beating and Robbery

by Jeremy

Just yesterday, we discussed how 2010 WSOP Main Event champion Jonathan Duhamel was robbed and beaten, and police took four suspects into custody. Well we’ve got some more news on this story since Duhamel gave a detailed interview of the beating he took from the robbers.

While speaking to the Canadian Press, the Team PokerStars pro began by saying he woke up to a doorbell in the morning, and expected it to be Christmas presents that he’d ordered after seeing a disguised parcel deliverer. When he opened the door, the man pushed his way into the house, and another hidden attacker kicked Duhamel in the head.

He went into detail about this by saying, “I’ve played hockey all my life, so I’ve had some fights, but not one like this one. They beat me up just enough so that they could control me. They threatened me for my life, they threatened my parents for their lives too.”

After the initial attack, the men searched Duhamel’s house and seemingly knew where his WSOP gold bracelet, Rolex Submariner watch and cash were - thus leading Duhamel to speculate that it was an inside job. But the stolen merchandise wasn’t enough as they tied the 24-year-old up and started beating him mercilessly. Duhamel said, “They started beating me up pretty bad and I really thought at that point that I might just die right there.”

Fortunately, they didn’t kill Duhamel, and he was able to untie himself when they left and run to a neighbor’s for help (his phone lines were cut and cell phone taken). Since that time, four suspects have been brought in, including his ex-girlfriend Bianca Rojas-Latraverse, who may have planned the attack. Interestingly enough though, Duhamel didn’t think their relationship ended too badly as he said, “There’s no relationship that can end on good terms, so of course it was bad, but it wasn’t bad, like, real bad.”

  • SMD

    Hi. The story says that two guys beat up and robbed Jonathan and his ex probably planned it. What was the fourth suspect arrested for?

  • SMD

    never mind, I got it.