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Jon Van Fleet “apestyles” Captures FTOPS Jersey

by Poker Team

This past weekend, one of online poker’s most respected players added another impressive victory to his belt. Known by the moniker “apestyles”, Jon Van Fleet took down FTOPS Event #5, the $109 No Limit Hold’em with Rebuys tournament for a $123K score. In addition, he was also awarded a coveted FTOPS jersey, the ultimate status symbol on the world’s second largest online poker site, Full Tilt Poker. Van Fleet’s track record, and stellar personality have made him universally respected and well-liked by the online poker community, as evidenced by the number of well wishers during and after the tournament.

He currently sits at #10 on’s “Online Poker Rankings” and this post from forums sums up most of the sentiments out there,

“Obv easy guy to root for, very good player and seems like a really cool dude – TID you deserve this!”

In response, the affable Van Fleet responded,

“Thanks everyone!! Haven’t had a 6 figure score since 07, so yayayayayyayaayayayyaa ape dance. Ran really well, overall happy with how I played, even the last hand where I got a lucky river. I think there’s nothing I can do but bet/call, especially if he’s peeling 6-7o to a 4bet. Not gonna lie, might have a hard time getting to sleep tonight. Life is good.”

With a premium on graciousness these days, it is a nice change of pace to see someone remain grounded even during victory. The final hand Van Fleet alluded to was one in which he had to come from behind. After a series of preflop raises and reraises, Van Fleet was check raised all in on the flop holding AQ on a J-6-2 board. Thinking his opponent was bluffing, he called with ace high to learn he was behind his opponent’s middle pair, holding 6-7. Luckily for Van Fleet, this was his night as an ace hit on the river, earning him the 6-figure payday.

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