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JohnnyBax Leaves Ultimate Bet

by Poker Team

Readers on’s forums were surprised to learn that on the heels of a revealing exposé aired on 60 minutes, highly ranked online poker pro, Cliff “JohnnyBax” Josephy posted that he is severing his partnership with UltimateBet, one of the sites highlighted on the television report. In his nondescript post, Josephy did not go not go into any details on the statement which fueled speculation on the online forum. His simple post was as follows:

“Just wanted you guys to know that you will no longer see me as a redlined pro in their lobbies, nor will you see me wearing their patches at live events any more.

That is all for now,


Since making his post, he has not followed up leading to much discussion and speculation on the thread he started. Josephy signed on with UltimateBet in May to be a part of their Star Players Team. Since posting, it has been reported that he terminated the agreement because the site had stopped paying him.

In an interview with Poker News Daily, Josephy revealed that he had set up a conference call to discuss another opportunity but before the call began, he was informed that he would no longer be paid in the manner in which they agreed to in May. Instead, he was offered, and subsequently turned down, a deal which was described as a standard one which was offered to other Star Players Team members. The turn of events apparently caught him off guard but there was no action he could take as he did not have a written contract and was working on a gentlemen’s agreement. He currently has no other formal agreements with other poker sites, but has gone on the record stating he is eager to land another agreement.

A consistent online winner for several years, Joseph is also a World Series of Poker bracelet winner. This fact leads one to believe he will have a new agreement in place in the not so distant future. Perhaps PokerStars will be interested in signing him?

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