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Not 1 but 2 WSOP wins for John Phan

by Poker Team

John John “the Razor” Phan got his first taste of what a WSOP bracelet winner feels like in last week’s $3,000 No Limit Hold’em event and he could not wait to feel that way once again. John Phan won his second WSOP bracelet yesterday in the $2,500 Deuce-to-Seven Triple Draw Low Ball (Event #40).

John Bon Phan is no stranger to poker success, having 92 total cashes, 15 1st place finishes, and almost $4 Million in lifetime earnings as a professional poker player. In the 2-7 Triple Draw event, Phan overcame a large chip deficit and a verbal fight involving Gioi Luong.

Final Table - Event #40 - 2008 WSOP

Here were the chip counts at the final table at the 2-7 Triple Draw Low Ball tournament:


John Phan: 294,000
Gioi Luong: 291,000
Robert Mizrachi: 215,000
Shunjiro Uchida: 200,000
Ben Ponzio: 113,000
David Sklansky: 78,000

The final table was stacked with famous poker author David Sklansky, and 2 bracelet winners from last year’s WSOP, Robert Mizrachi (2007 Pot Limit Omaha Champion) and Ben Ponzio. Shun Uchida is not slouch either having cashed twice already in the 2008 WSOP. Slansky was eliminated first which is not surprising considering his low chip count.

John Phan and Gioi Luong Almost Fight

According to Cardplayer, the heat between John Phan and Gioi Luong was inevitable. It started when “John Phan mistakingly posted his big blind under the gun. Luong lobbied the floor to make his bet stand, despite the fact that the cards had yet to be dealt. The floor ruled in Phan’s favor, and Phan accused Luong of angle shooting.”

Then on a later hand, Luong stopped the dealer because he discarded the wrong hand. Luong wanted to take his card back but Phan exclaimed, “That is not allowed”, repeatedly. Luong was not too happy about that and got in Phan’s face and it looked like we would have our first WSOP brawl right at the final table. The floor ended up ruling in favor of John Phan.

Gioi Luong was eventually eliminated in 3rd place as the final heads up match was set.

Final hand - Event #40

The final heads-up match was between Shun Uchida and John Phan. On the last hand Uchida drew an 8-7, but John Phan had the second nuts with a 7-6-4-3-2. John Phan took the title and earned $151,896 which brought his total earnings for the 2008 WSOP to $605,999. Shun Uchida earned $95,795 for his second place finish.

After his win, John Phan ordered about 20 coronas and shared his jubilation with the friends and fans that watched this heated event.

John “The Razor” Phan Bio

John Phan was born in October 1974 in Hue, Vietnam but moved to Stockton California with his family in 1982. Phan enjoyed playing poker as a young man playing at the cardroom his uncle ran, and went the professional route at age 21. Phan is known for his aggressive playing style and that was evident in his 2 WSOP wins this year. Phan’s favorite part about playing poker, besides the winning part, is bluffing other players to win pots.

Other notable wins by John Phan

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  • Harrah’s Lake Tahoe Poker Tournament - WSOP Circuit Event Event #7 - WSOP Circuit Pot Limit Hold’em
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