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Joe Sebok taking Heat over UB Poker

by Jeremy

Although it’s been months since UB Poker essentially collapsed following actions by the US Department of Justice, many players are still very angry about the whole situation. After all, some UB Poker players had thousands of dollars wrapped up on the site before they stopped making payouts. This being said, people are still taking their frustrations out on anybody who was involved with UB over the years.

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Today, former UB sponsored poker pro Joe Sebok was the target of resentment as journalist Noah Stephens-Davidowitz started attacking him through twitter. Here is a look at the lengthy twitter exchanges Stephens-Davidowitz started, which eventually involved BJ Nemeth and others:

NoahSD NoahSD
.@joesebok How much money would you think people deposited on UB because of you? Are you sorry? Do you feel stupid for ignoring criticism?

BJNemeth BJ Nemeth
@JonAguiar I understand why people are mad at Sebok. I don’t understand why they’re mad at him but not other UB sponsored pros.

NoahSD NoahSD
@BJNemeth @joesebok 1) I don’t believe in leaving someone alone because someone else is guilty too.

BJNemeth BJ Nemeth
@Kevmath @jonaguiar I understand why Sebok is the poster child for this anger, but I don’t understand why he is the only child.

NoahSD NoahSD
@BJNemeth @joesebok 2) he knew about the scandal, had friends who were cheated, etc. AFAIK the others might’ve just been idiots.

NoahSD NoahSD
@BJNemeth @joesebok 3) I’ve had personal interactions with him that infuriated me.

This twitter battle has definitely escalated into a much larger deal, so we’ll stop here. But after looking at Joe Sebok’s twitter page, it doesn’t look like he responded to any of the questions by Stephens-Davidowitz.

In any case, it doesn’t appear that Sebok’s non-response is going to win him any fans back. Sebok was initially active in apologizing for UB’s actions, and saying that he was naive in thinking he could make a difference at the site. But perhaps he’s tired of talking about the UB Poker mess and fielding questions from angry people at this point.

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