Joe Sebok issues Twitter Threat about UB Poker

by Jeremy Olson on July 19, 2012

Joe Sebok has endured an endless onslaught of negativity over his representation of UB Poker before Black Friday. The reason for all the hate stems from how Sebok assured the poker community that UB was a quality site before they went down with millions in player deposits. Now both Sebok and UB Poker are continually targeted by jaded grinders who lost lots of money.

Getting to the point, it appears as if Sebok has heard enough UB bashing since he took to threatening somebody via twitter. Apparently he sent somebody a private message via twitter that read, “Might wanna chill on the ub hate a little, man. You + your gf may have a skeleton or two that you wouldn’t want public, no? Chill out.”

The whole conversation was posted by somebody named “FatalError” at TwoPlusTwo. Here’s an excerpt from what they wrote:

Honestly, I don’t know where to start with this. Besides being borderline illegal behavior and absurdly unprofessional, i don’t have any skeletons!!! In response to this i have a series of demands before i consider putting this unbelievable incident behind me.

1. Joe apologizes in this thread and on twitter for his behavior

2. Joe posts whatever “skeletons” he has about my girlfriend and me here on 2p2. We have never done anything we are ashamed of and demand to know what serious allegations Joe thinks he is privy to.

3. Ultimate Bet releases a public apology to my girlfriend and me for the behavior of Joe as a representative of UB

Following this post, a number of people on 2p2 have had fun bashing Sebok for his twitter message. One poster wrote a humorous comment that read, “Joe Sebok respect level just discovered hidden storage room under previously occupied basement.” In any case, if Joe Sebok has any hope of winning back support in the poker world, it certainly won’t come within this forum thread.

  • Anon

    Why is this news? That thread is over a year old…