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Joe Sebok’s Cheating Findings Now Published

by Poker Team

One of the hottest topics making the rounds on popular online poker forums such as, centers around the Ultimate Bet cheating scandal, the topic that due to its damaging ramifications surrounding it, just won’t go away. As just about everyone in the online poker community knows, the central point in this hot button topic surrounds an online poker handle named Potripper who actually turned out to be a superuser account that was able to see all of the hole cards at any table. The cheating was so widespread and far ranging that former executives of Ultimate Bet, now called, were implicated in the conspiracy. Additionally, the company was very slow in their investigation of the situation and downright secretive in publishing their findings, which led to many members of the gaming community to continue the investigating on their own. One of the more vocal and persistent of those was a major contributor of’s forums called Mookman.

Over the past 18 months, it appears as though the power that be at knew they had much work to do in order to regain the public trust. In response to the black eye, has expanded their pro roster and has attempted a complete public relations makeover. Among the more talked about signings was son of poker pro and media-friendly Joe Sebok. Sebok’s decision to join UB was met with much disappointment from many of his over 1 million Twitter followers, including his father Barry Greenstein. However, at the time of the signing, Sebok pledged to uncover more information about the cheating and that he would work tirelessly to out all those involved. To that end, Sebok compiled a list of names, some of the accused, and others who may have some information. He decided to share this list with the aforementioned Mookman to see if they could arrive at some conclusions and reportedly, he did so with a gentlemen’s agreement of confidence. However, fast forward five months and Mookman, citing frustration in the lack of progress either leaked himself, or one of his associates leaked the list of names and the situation as left the normally affable Sebok at a loss for words, in utter disappointment. Most troubling to Sebok is that the list features the names of many people who were not actually involved in the cheating but perhaps could have shared some insight into completing the picture.

At present time, none of the new names that were revealed in the list have commented on the matter.

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