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Hachem at the WSOP - More Unruly Behavior

by Poker Team

Joe Hachem WSOPDuring the televised coverage of the WSOP Main Event Tuesday night Joe Hachem was, let’s just say, not on his best behavior. Let’s see – He’s a past WSOP Champion, an ambassador for PokerStars, and one of the highest profile WSOP Champs of all time (especially in Australia). You’d think between his agent, his wife, his kids, or at least the folks from PokerStars would have kindly asked that he demonstrate the same cheery (Pass the Sugar!) demeanor that we saw in 2005 when he took down the Championship.

Just a few weeks ago, reported a story on Scotty Nguyen and his embarrassing display at the 50K HORSE event where he was visibly drunk and acting with disrespect to the other players and the wait staff.

Now yesterday, we got see a clearly bitter Hachem berate opponents, telling one guy he was going to “bust his ass back to the UK”, which was totally unprovoked. After catching his own miracle cards to chip up and remain in the tournament, he was hyper critical whenever he was the victim of a suck out. Muttering under his breath, stammering, and walking away from the table to cry on his wife’s shoulder, Hachem was a very poor sport for sure.

It’s likely that Hachem was upset from the apparent “target” that winds up on the back of every other WSOP Champ that plays in these events. Essentially it’s the result of many unknown players that gun for the prior Champs and other pros. Regardless, it was a piss poor display from Hachem and a surprising turn for the worse for Hachem. I mean, wasn’t he a nice guy in 2005 when he won? What happened to this guy? While no one can be expected to take the good beats with the bad and remain a stone, Hachem and his attitude should perhaps check the ego at the door during his next big event.

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What do you think about this latest tirade of unruly behavior of poker pros at the WSOP? Do you think it’s just part of the “entertainment” or do you think the WSOP officials should try to control this type of behavior?

  • ShizzleKiNish

    That goes to show you what type of players are sponsored by this so rigged site. All acting like babies when they lose . I know players 10 x better than any of them but because they dont like to Ki__ A__ , they will never have the chance to show there talent. Poker stars is by far the most rigged site out there, I’ve had friends who worked for the company and they have told us some very dodgy stuff about how they control who gets the cards and who doesn’t. I won’t get into any details.

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