All Joe Cada wanted was 100% Rakeback - PokerStars said No

by Jeremy Olson on September 26, 2014

For most poker sites, having a popular Main Event champion like Joe Cada represent their brand in exchange for 100% rakeback would be an enthusiastic “yes.” But in the case between Joe Cada and PokerStars, it was a simple no.

As the 2009 Main Event winner explained through twitter, he asked for his old 100% rakeback deal back, and PokerStars denied him:

If everyone is wondering what happened with Poker Stars and myself it’s pretty simple. I asked for 100percent rake back, they said no.

Cada added that he didn’t even ask for any money on the side - he just didn’t want to pay rake fees online. When Triple Crown winner Gavin Griffin offered this tweet up, Cada came back with a good rebuttal:

Griffin - they have to have a line where they will keep him or not and that line is way less $ than it used to be

Cada - @nhgg They have no line. I never heard of a company charging someone to use their product when they’re sponsored by that company.

Based on the fact that 100% rakeback was too high a price for Stars, it merely seems like they weren’t interested in having Cada back. And if they’re willing to cut ties with an active Main Event champ, they’ll be releasing plenty more pros in the future when contracts are up.

As for Cada, he’s still a very marketable figure. He is going to be a featured player at Norwegian Cruise Line’s $200k poker tournament, and has appeared in advertisements for the event. It’s also likely that he could land some more deals in the future with other companies. After all, Jamie Gold is still finding work as a sponsored player.