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Congressman Joe Barton “Best Play Money Poker Player”

by Jeremy

Republican Congressman Joe Barton is a champion for online poker in the United States. He has been pushing for the legalization and regulation of the game in America, and has some deep ties to the game.

Interestingly enough, Barton shed some light on his love for online poker in a recent keynote speech given to the rest of Congress. He began his speech by saying, “I just like to play poker. I started out in Boy Scouts, and you hate to say you learned about cheating in the Boy Scouts, but my first poker experience was older Scouts getting us younger Scouts to play poker for nickels and dimes. They’d always have three kings or three aces and I’d have a pair of fours. I didn’t know that the deck was stacked, but I lost about a dollar-and-a-half the first time I played poker. That’s when my stack was about $1.75.”

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Barton continued by getting into his online poker experience by saying, “I’m probably the best online poker player for play money in the world. I have two or three poker accounts on PokerStars, and I have about 10 million play dollars on them. I have never played for money on the internet, so I am not an online money player. When I play poker, I go to Oklahoma or Louisiana. On occasion, I’ll fly out to Las Vegas or over to Tunica - just south of Memphis.”

The Texas Congressman also added an interesting point about how he can make money with the game of poker by saying, “Being an honest Congressman, I’m not a big-time money poker player, but I play. I’ll play in a Limit game - $4/$8, $5/$10, $6/$12. If I play No Limit, it’s a $200 or $100 buy-in. I do make money when I play poker. That’s a fact because I share my winnings with my wife. If I win, she gets half of what I win. If I lose, I take it on the chin. I don’t play for big money, but I consistently will fly out to Vegas with $500, and come back with $800 or something like that.”

This speech reiterates how nice it is to have an experienced lawmaker like Joe Barton championing the fight for legalized and regulated online poker in the United States. And it’s also quite interesting to hear just how into poker the man is!

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