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Jennifer Tilly talks Poker, Push-up Bras with NY Magazine

by Jeremy

Since winning the 2005 WSOP Ladies Hold’em event along with $158,335, Jennifer Tilly has remained one of the most popular figures in the poker industry. She’s appeared on several poker TV shows, and has earned $699,793 in live poker tournaments.

Lately though, the poker babe has vowed to get back into acting more while cutting her time on the felt. But you wouldn’t be able to tell this from the amount of attention that she’s been getting in the mainstream media. In fact, her transition back into full-time acting has a lot of gossip sites and magazines focusing on Tilly’s poker abilities.

New York Magazine is the latest major media outlet to focus on The Bride of Chucky’s poker career since they spent “210 minutes” with her. The piece started by discussing how Jennifer Tilly got into poker because her dad was heavily into the game. He then introduced his daughter to a poker video game that got her hooked.

Another interesting part of the article discussed where Tilly likes to raise with bad hands sometimes to make herself look like a “crazy loose player.” In addition to looking like a crazy, loose player, the actress also enjoys appearing cute on the felt. She discussed this by saying, “The starlet in me dies hard. I always just want to look cute, so I wear a lot of push-up bras and low-cut tops.”

One more thing worth mentioning in this article is where Tilly referred to herself as the “Dream Crusher.” More specifically, she said, “In poker, when you’re doing well, everybody else is pissed off at you. Nobody loves you when you’re a great poker player. Sometimes in tournaments I think, Oooh, my nickname should be the ‘Dream Crusher.’ I’ll see the young kid who’s taking his college tuition to enter the tournament, and then I knock him out. I feel horrible.”

If you’d like to see the whole article on Tilly, make sure to check out the New York Magazine story on her.

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