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Jennifer “Jennicide” Leigh robbed at WSOP

by Jeremy

Over the years, we’ve seen several poker players robbed in Las Vegas. Scott Montgomery was robbed in 2010 when a knife-wielding crook held the Canadian up in a Bellagio restroom. In 2008, thieves broke into Hoyt Corkins house, and made off with his WSOP bracelets and two of his cars. Fast forward to now, and we can add Jennifer “Jennicide” Leigh to the list of famous poker players who’ve been robbed in Sin City.

The model/poker player is staying at the Rio for the 2011 WSOP, and her room was broken into by thieves. Apparently, the robbers took a bunch of money from her room safe in what may have been an inside job. Leigh sent out several tweets about the incident, which include the following:

FYI, never leave your room in hurry thinking your safe is locked at Rio. Obv maids don’t honor privacy key and GG $ in my safe. F*** my life

Clearly, security tells me it will take about 3-5 days for investigation and file report with Metro. Have to check out at 2 to new hotel

having a majority of my cash taken from my safe (security affirmed brute force entrance) tempted to just fly home.. This is a nightmare

Apparently, I’m not the first player that has had safe robbed here so far this summer. High limit Stud player had same situation..nice hotel

not 3 “break ins” but just master key entries etc, maids or whoever else in hotels who have part, my room wasn’t

Judging from the last comment, Leigh thinks that the robber could have been a Rio staff worker. Unfortunately for her, the Rio conveniently doesn’t have hallway cameras to catch the thief, so it will be pretty difficult to bring this case to a quick close.

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