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Jeff Madsen Moving to Israel

by Poker Team

Just over a month ago, Jeff Madsen participated in what is considered one of the dumbest prop bet of all time when he, Joe Sebok and Gavin Smith had a “last longer” prop for the LA Poker Classic. In that bet, the losers would have to have a tattoo of each player’s face who outlasted him in that particular tournament. Being the second one out, Madsen will have to emblazon himself with the image of Smith. By comparison, this new prop bet isn’t that terrible, but is extreme nonetheless.

There is some skepticism as to whether it is an actual bet or an April Fools joke that is still going. According to Madsen’s Twitter page, beginning on April 15th, Madsen will have to move to Israel where he will remain until the World Series of Poker begins. In addition to relocating, he will not be allowed to have any contact with any of his friends either by email, cell phone or anything. He will remain there until May 28th, at which time, he can take the long flight back to Las Vegas. Should he abide by the terms of the bet, he stands to earn $50,000. It would seem that this 6 week sabbatical prior to the 2010 World Series of Poker shouldn’t be too hard and it amounts to a month long vacation with a golden parachute at the end of it.

Madsen says that the bet came about during a Talk About Curing Autism fundraiser in early March. In a conversation with a well-heeled businessman who came up with the idea for Madsen to move to another country. Recognizing this is too good a chance to pass up, Madsen jumped at the opportunity. However, it seems rather curious as to why he waited until April Fools Day to tell the world about it.

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