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Jason Alexander Off to Flying Start at WSOP Main Event

by Poker Team

The main event of the World Series of Poker always attracts many big celebrities. For the most part, they all go quietly with none in recent memory making any big runs of note. That appears to have changed in this 2009 edition as former Seinfeld star, Jason Alexander, finished day 1A 7th overall in chips. Though still extremely early, this has already been the best day for Alexander at any of his world series’ experiences.

Seated next to other well-known stars such as rapper Nelly and fellow comedian Brad Garret early on, Alexander slowly but surely accrued chips winning some small pots, but a big loss had him almost mentally checking out. However, shortly after returning from the dinner break, his day changed as his Pocket 10’s sucked out on a flopped flush for runner-runner full house to double himself up and vault himself back into it. From that point on, he rose up the leaderboard, culminating with his 7th place finish for the day.

He is modest about his skill level, as he just plays the game as a hobby and has no illusions about being a great poker player, though he says that his past experiences at the World Series have helped prepare him for this year’s run.

Alexander seems to enjoy the social aspect of the game and says he is having a good time, though he does admit going deep in the tournament would be a dream come true.

Only time will tell to see if Costanza has what it takes to be a big hit.

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