Jama-dharma banned from PokerStars for “Buttoning”

by Jeremy Olson

PokerStars issued a lifetime ban to a player named “Jama-dharma” for buttoning. If you’re unfamiliar with buttoning, this practice involves starting a game, then leaving before you have to post a big blind. This is a great way to avoid paying big blinds, but it also gives perpetrators an unfair advantage.

After several players grew tired of seeing Jama-dharma repeatedly using the buttoning tactic, they sent complaints to PokerStars’ customer service. From here, Stars issued a warning that read, “We must make this perfectly clear to you, there are no second chances. If you are still found to be abusing the blinds or are found to be angle-shooting in any other way, your account will be permanently closed.”

Following the initial warning, other players complained that Jama-dharma was still buttoning. At this point, PokerStars decided to go ahead and issue a lifetime ban to the high stakes player.

Jama-dharma was a cash game regular at Stars, having played in stakes ranging from $10/$20 to $1,000/$2,000. But now he’ll need to find a different poker room because he’s no longer welcome at the world’s biggest poker site.

There’s nothing wrong with leaving online poker cash games before it’s your turn to post a big blind. However, when people continually make a strategy out of avoiding the big blind, both fellow players and poker rooms tend to get angry. This is definitely what happened in Jama-dharma’s case since he was only starting games with the intention of skipping out on big blinds when it was his turn to pay them.