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Doctor offering Perfect Poker Face with Botox

by Jeremy

One of the most fabled aspects of live poker is having the perfect poker face….a steel-faced mug that nobody can read or figure out. Many people believe that a flawless poker face is achieved through years of practice and grinding at the tables. However, Dr. Jack Berdy would like to differ since he thinks the perfect poker face can come through Botox.

The New York-based doctor of aesthetic medicine believes that “Pokertox,” or a bunch of Botox and facial fillers, can be used to completely mask one’s emotions at the poker table. When done right, Pokertox is supposed to ensure that you are impossible to read because your facial expressions never change.

While it may sound creepy, the subject is actually pretty complex because Berdy meets with players to discuss potential tells they may give off. For example, one may curl their lips or squint during a good/bad hand, which gives away their hand strength.

In these situations, Berdy would use botox to correct the problem so that certain parts of the player’s face don’t move at all during a good or bad hand. He discussed the situation further by saying, “Some people might get a card they like or don’t like and raise their eyebrows. If that’s the common reaction, we can put Botox in certain areas to minimize them.” Berdy also said that the reverse can be done as he mentioned, “We can also put Botox in areas to make it look like the player has a ‘tell’ they really don’t have.”

The idea of Pokertox is certainly intriguing - especially to very serious players. However, nobody has taken Jack Berdy up on his offer yet - most likely because of the high costs associated with plastic surgery. Plus many poker pros believe that even the live game is centered more on recognizing opponents’ betting patterns, rather than physical tells they give off.

  • Sarah Jason

    I don’t have much idea about poker but never heard that players are using botox injections to have rock solid face without any expressions so that your competitor can’t figure out what is running in your mind, i wonder if this really helps them.

  • Iulius Agapetus

    I think this is a really poor attempt at marketing the simple usual botox treatment. No one is going to go for it.

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