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Ivey’s Greatness Unrivaled

by Omar

Say this for the man considered by many to be the greatest poker player on the planet, whenever Phil Ivey does decide to sit down for an online poker session, it’s almost always a winning one and it is always an experience for those who watch him at his craft.

In fact, ever since he began playing online poker, not once has Ivey ever had a losing year. Though there are questions about how much he has one, some popular estimates have Ivey having won over $18 million online alone. This, coupled with his live cash and tournament earnings to go along with what must be a fantastic sponsorship deal from Full Tilt Poker, must rank Ivey among the most well-compensated players in the world, today or ever.

So given the fact that by now, poker fans have come to expect a level of greatness from Ivey, it truly is remarkable when he accomplishes a feat that still manages to leave fans in bewildered states. Following an uncharacteristic swoon to start of the new year which him more than a half a million in the red, Ivey has responded by playing phenomenal poker as of late as he has ridden some recently inspired play back over the line of profitability.

Late Sunday, Ivey sat down to play some big $3,000/$6,000 Limit Hold’em against kagome kagome. They played just 311 hands together, but it was enough for Ivey to take $476K from his clearly overmatched opponent. It seems that this opponent recently changed his name from IHateJuice to this new moniker, but it did not translate into better results. He methodically picked his opponent apart winning pot after pot until kagome kagome packed it in.

Now that Ivey has officially climbed out of a losing 2011, he now is up $300K on the year and if his past results are any indication of what to expect, Ivey’s best poker is yet to come.

With a plethora of promising young poker talent out there, it remains to be seen if anyone out there has all the tools necessary to follow in Ivey’s footsteps. Big players come and go, but only Ivey has maintained this consistent level of winning without dealing with financial ruin. For others, the poker pro lifestyle is a series of sprints while it is indeed more of a marathon. Recent history is littered with the names of players who have sat on top of the poker world for a time, only to be knocked off their perch once they became comfortable. It is impossible to name every top pro that has risen to stardom only to lose it all. Ivey is the one who always remains standing.

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