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Ivey Wins $1.1 Million in One Day

by Poker Team

Among his peers, Phil Ivey is regarded as the best all around poker player in the world.  Whether it’s live or on the virtual felt, this man is a winner, amassing a net worth most people can only fantasize about.  He doesn’t discriminate either as he is as dominant playing no limit hold em as he is playing any of the Omaha or Stud games.  The main is simply the best there is.

As if any further proof was needed, Ivey astounded railbirds on Full Tilt Poker yesterday as he won over $1.1 million in a single day.  After taking a break for a week to take on Durrrr in his million dollar challenge, Ivey kept things going against other players.  It is important to note that at the end of one particular heads up match against Durrrr, he had over $1 million in chips at the table.

During his remarkable day, Ivey took down some of the top players in the online world though much of his winnings came at the hands of Durrrr.  In addition to the aforementioned Durrrr, Ivey took huge pots from the likes of Ziigmund and LarsLuzak during his million dollar day.

Though there were two many hands to discuss in detail, after all, it takes time to win a million bucks, here are some quick blurs about some of the big ones.

Major Wins

In the first hand, and the only one not against Durrrr on this list, on a 6 high board, Ivey got all the money in on the flop with KK to outlast Ziigmund’s pocket 9’s to take down a pot worth $176,990.

In his 2nd biggest pot of the day, this time against Durrrr, Ivey hit his open ended straight draw on the turn to beat Durrrr’s pocket 10’s to take down a pot worth $328,790 in a heads up pot limit Omaha hand.

The largest pot he took however was also against Durrrr, taking down a $336,590 pot when he sucked out on the turn to beat Durrrr with 2 pair.

Yesterday was a good day to be Phil Ivey.  Just think twice before going up against him on the felt.

Ivey plays high stakes poker at Full Tilt Poker

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