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Ivey Takes $670K from Durrr in One Session

by Poker Team

It is no secret to anyone who railbirds the high stakes cash games on Full Tilt Poker that Tom “Durrrr” Dwan and Phil Ivey have had some monumental cashes on a daily basis.  However, yesterday Ivey took Durrrr for over $670,000 in a single day.  Ivey beat him for $289,000 playing Pot Limit Omaha and another $380,000 playing Mixed HA (Pot Limit Omaha and Pot Limit Hold em.)  Half of the amount won by Ivey occurred in two key hands.

First Big Hand - Ivey Takes $219K

In the first hand, Ivey was holding 10s-9s-Jc-8c a strong holding, especially heads up as he had 4 connecting cards and was double suited. Sitting in the small blind, Durrrr raised to $3,000 and Ivey re-popped him for $9,000 total.  Durrrr smooth-called.  The flop came out and it was an absolute beauty for Ivey, Js-7c-8s. He had flopped the nut straight along with two pair and an open-ended straight flush draw.  Whatever Durrrr had, he had to have been drawing close to dead.  On the flop, Durrrr checked and Ivey bet 14,000 which Durrrr quickly called.  The turn card was the 6 of clubs giving Ivey a 2nd flush draw. He bet out $40,000 and Durrr immediately moved in for $166,000 and Ivey snap-called. Durrrr ended up showing down Jd-Ad-5h-4s which meant he was in fact drawing dead as he hit a bottom straight on the turn.  The river card, though meaningless, was the 7 of spades completing a straight flush for Ivey and giving him a $219,999 pot.

Second Big Hand - Ivey Takes $171K

The 2nd key hand between the players occurred a short time later. This time, the two were locked up in the Pot Limit Hold em stage of the game and Ivey was holding the King of hearts and Jack of spades. Pre-flop, Ivey raised to $3,000 and was re-raised by Durrrr to $9,000 which Ivey simply called.  The flop was 8d-Jc-10s giving Ivey top pair with a good kicker.  Durrrr checked and Ivey bet out $14,000.  Durrrr, not surprisingly re-raised to $60,000 and the short stacked Ivey moved in for $90,000 total. When the cards were revealed, Durrrr had also flopped top pair but his 6 kicker was in serious trouble.  The turn card was terrible for Durrrr as it paired the 10 on the board.  At best, a river Ace would enable him to chop the pot but he could not win outright. The 7 of hearts on the river sealed the deal for Ivey and he doubled up by taking down the pot of $171,782 with his two pair with superior kicker.

Overall, Ivey took $670,000 from Durrr. Just another day in the life of these online poker heavyweights.  You can be sure they will have more stories to generate.

Both Durrr and Phil Ivey play High Stakes Poker at Full Tilt Poker.

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