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Ivey Cleans up on President’s Day

by Poker Team

President’s Day was a holiday in the United States but it was not at all a holiday at Full Tilt Poker’s biggest cash game tables as all of the top players were on hand trying to make some money during their regular working hours. As with most days, the action was fierce with Phil Ivey and Durrrr facing off in a heads up PLO table in addition to several tables in which Durrrr tool on LarsLuzak and Ziigmund. Overall, Ivey was the big winner as he pocketed over $682,000.

Here are a couple of the biggest pots from President’s Day:

The first hand took place between Durrrr and Ivey during the Pot Limit Hold em $500/$1000. Ivey was deal AK of spades in the small blind with Ziigmund in the Big Blind. Durrrr raised to $3000 in position and Ivey made it $10,000 to go. After Ziigmund folded, Durrrr made the call.

The flop came down and it was 8c-10s-Js giving Ivey two overcards, the nut flush draw and a gutshot Royal flush draw. He came out firing $15,000 into the pot and Durrrr raised to $42,000 to go. Not to be outdone, Ivey again raised, this time to over $14,000 and Durrrr shoved the rest of his stack in.

Durrrr shows 10c-Jd for top two pair and though he was ahead at the moment, his hand was very vulnerable. The turn card was great for Ivey at it was the 3 of spades giving his the nut flush. Durrrr however, still had outs, needing a 10 or Jack to complete his full house. Unfortunately for him, the river was the 3 of clubs and Ivey scooped the pot of $356,492.

In the 2nd key hand, LarsLuzak took on Durrrr who seems to be in the middle of every big pot out there. The game was $500/$1000 no limit hold em and LarsLuzak had pocket Aces. Preflop, Durrrr raised to $3000 and Lars made it $10,500 to go and Durrr just called. The flop was Ac-Qd-Js and Lars had flopped top set. Lars bet out $15,000 and was called by Durrrr. The turn was the King of spades and this time both players checked. A rare occurrence indeed. The river card was the 2 of spades completing a backdoor flush. On the river, Lars bet out $36,000 and Durrrr raised $100,000 on top. After some deliberation, Lars made the call and scooped the pot of $321,759.

Tremendous call on his part. What do you think?

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