ISPT headed to Morocco - Only without the Hype

by Jeremy Olson on September 11, 2013

Last year the International Stadiums Poker Tour (ISPT) quickly made headlines after they undertook the ambitious task of holding the biggest poker tournament ever. Their ISPT Wembley Stadium event was set to offer a €20 million prize pool - €10 million of which would go to the champ. And this massive amount was supposed to convince up to 30,000 players to compete in the tournament.

But the reality was that ISPT Wembley ended up featuring a more “modest” €2,643,985 prize pool, with the champ Jakub Michalak taking home €436,000. So what’s up next for ISPT after falling vastly short of their original expectations?

Well the tournament organization isn’t giving up, but they are planning out a much more lowkey event this time around. Their second foray into the poker world will be called the “Tanger Millionaire Maker,” and it’ll be held at Morocco’s Casino de Tanger from October 30th to November 3rd, 2013.

The reason why this event is called the Millionaire Maker is because it guarantees 1,000,000 Moroccan Dirhams (€90,000) to the winner. This isn’t exactly the type of millionaire-maker tournament that people have come to expect around the world, but at least the name makes sense when you consider it’s expressed in Moroccan Dirhams.

Another aspect worth mentioning about this tournament is that it won’t be held in a stadium, like the organization’s name suggests. Instead, the event will be called “ISPT Silver,” with the Silver likely meaning this tourney is happening in a casino.

Considering everything here, it’s obvious that ISPT is taking a less ambitious route towards the Morocco tournament. This summer they had to cover a €589,000 overlay with ISPT Wembley, so it’s probably a good idea that ISPT Silver Morocco is guaranteeing less money.