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Isildur1 Storms Back, Profiting $1 Million Over 3 Day Period

by Poker Team

The mysterious high stakes online player, Isildur1, came from out of nowhere in the latter stages of 2009 and turned the nosebleed games upside down with his ultra-aggressive poker style. From the first time he chipped up, he began appearing in headlines almost daily. His style led to the type of action no one had ever seen before as he was involved in the five largest poker pots of the year despite the fact he was only in action for the last quarter of the year.

Then, almost as suddenly as he appeared, he disappeared back into obscurity. His lack of presence coincided with the now infamous situation in which CardRunners pro Brian Townsend was suspended by Full Tilt Poker for a month after he admitted sharing some tactics and tendencies with some of his fellow high stakes counterparts.

Since the shellacking he took, and his subsequent appeal of the events, Isildur1 faded out of the limelight. He rarely played, and when he did, it was at the $5-$10 No Limit level, a far cry from the $500-$1000 games he took by storm. However, over the past 48 hours that has all changed as he has come back into the spotlight once again. No one knows his true identity as yet, but he played over 16,000 hands recently and does not seem to have lost any of the bravado that made him such a fan favorite in the first place.

Over that span, he posted a remarkable win rate and when all was said and done, had profited nearly a million dollars over a 3-day period. It does not appear that he has made any big changes to his game or approach and his level of anonymity is still intact. Given the results of the past week, it seems he is ready to once again make headlines.

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