Viktor “Isildur1″ Blom quitting PokerStars?

by Jeremy

There’s a rumor that Viktor “Isildur1″ Blom might quit PokerStars because Brian “Stinger88″ Hastings and Brian Townsend have been showing up on his high stakes poker tables.

Both players used to play at Full Tilt Poker before this site fell to pieces in the months following Black Friday. So they relocated to Canada to continue playing high online stakes poker, and since PokerStars is the only major high stakes site available, the pair have been competing here.

Not surprisingly, Blom is still angry over the $4 million he lost to Brian Hastings in a single Full Tilt Poker session after Hastings, Cole South and Townsend shared hand histories and other information in order to take Blom down. While many people looked down on the incident, it was never blatantly labeled cheating, and Townshend was the only person who was reprimanded by FTP; he lost his status as a Full Tilt Red Pro for one month.

That said, the aforementioned rumor spawned about Blom on HighStakesDB when a poster wrote:

Ive recently heard from a reliable source that viktor blom is leaving pokerstars apparently it all came to a head when pokerstars allowed brian stinger88 hastings and brian aba20 townsend to relocate and start sitting on same tables as isildur1 when pokerstars wouldnt revoke there accounts blom withdrew all his funds and pulled out of all the remaining wcoop tourneys hence no main event show and he is using his own funds at present wsope tourneys.

He has agreed to wear the badge as still part of deal and will play 1 more showdown prob against kid poker as was part of contract but he will then run out his contract as was only 1 year deal and will expire on december 17th…

There are definitely some holes in the above statement since PokerStars can’t “allow” Hastings/Townsend to relocate. Furthermore, no major poker news outlets are reporting this story as factual, which doesn’t make for any concrete proof here. However, the post did later clarify some of the most questionable parts of their post with the following:

1. I cant name the source for reasons that would be unfair but he is a well known british poker player who has played with blom both online and live and lives same area as him (fulham) so have no reason not to believe him.

2. yes isildur1 has played 2 sessions with hastings online but as part of his deal pokerstars assured him that both hastings and townsend wouldnt be allowed to sit at same table which they did when isildur1 was playing ring game 2 months ago btw that was his last showing then pulled out of all comps and withdrew funds.

3. brian aba20 townsend has broke pokerstars rules before he was caught muliti acounting 2 years ago