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Isildur1 Quickly Loses $1 Million Online

by Poker Team

No one inspires more action at the tables than Isildur1. Railbirds have watched him win and lose massive pots at a rate never been seen before either live or at the online poker tables at Full Tilt Poker. After a self-imposed hiatus which may have been spent of picking up the pieces of a couple of massive losing sessions, there is no doubt that he is back in all his (or her) glory.

Quickly after his return, he accumulated chips at an alarming rate, booking back to back winning sessions of over $800K apiece. As a result, he seemed to have replenished his bankroll to the point where he felt inclined to take on a plethora of the online poker world’s best in a series of high-stakes, heads-up matches. He could have potentially made some type of history, instead, he suffered through his worst day since Brian Hastings got the best of him in their now infamous session.

By the time the session was complete, Isildur1 had dropped close to a million dollars against the trio of Tom “durrrr” Dwan, Justin Bonomo and Brian Townsend. By looking at that lineup, it is simple to deduce that the games had to have been somewhat contentious from the start as the only one of the group without a seemingly personal axe to grind is Bonomo. Dwan seems to get all of his opponents blood boiling after a while and Townsend was at the epicenter of the scandalous data mining issue that cost Isildur1 over a million dollars.

Isildur1 didn’t fare too terribly against Dwan, losing just $33,000 in the span of 166 hands. Isildur1 squared off against Bonomo next and this go around, Bonomo bested his opponent for over $260K, or about half of what he lost to him just a day earlier.

Next, Isildur1 took on Townsend and they played a marathon of a session, with Isildur1 seemingly looking to take out all of his pent up frustrations on Townsend. However, Townsend took advantage of his over-aggressive opponent and when all was said and done, took him for over $600K, bringing Isildur1’s losses to about $960K in a matter of hours.

A few more days like this, and Isildur1 may be heading back to the lower limits for an extended visit.

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