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Isildur1 Loses Close to $2 Million in One Day

by Poker Team

For better or for worse, Isildur1 is always in the news. This time however, it is not the type of news he would be too happy being a part of. By now, the entire poker community knows very well the types of ups and downs that are a trademark of his (or her) kamikaze approach to poker. However, anytime someone manages to lose $2 million in a single day, it staggers the imagination and defies most logic.

This is precisely what happened with Isildur1 just yesterday, as he got absolutely torched on the virtual felt at Full Tilt Poker. Over a 3-week span, he had been running quite well, profiting just about $2 million. It all came crashing down very quickly. His day started off well as he took over a half million dollars from Cole South, who is seemingly off the hot run he had been on previously. However, Isildur1’s day took a major turn for the worse as he sat across from Tom “durrrr” Dwan. After just 888 heads up hands, Dwan had taken him for over a million dollars and the losing had just begun.

His next opponent was Phil “OMGClayAiken” Galfond. After a rather slow paced matchup at $200/$400 No Limit, they stepped over to $300/$600 Pot Limit Omaha and then $500/$1000 PLO. It got really ugly for Isildur as he lost over $1.6 million to his opponent, bringing his loses to well over $2.5 million. He rallied against some other opponents but he still finished the day $1.8 million in the red. Meanwhile, in total, Galfond won just under $2 million against Isildur1 alone.

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