Isildur1 Identity Still Unknown, Now in the Red

by Poker Team on December 3, 2009

As followers of the online poker world know all too well, Isildur1 has been on the scene for just over a month but he has found himself in the news just about every single day. Already, his bankroll swings are legendary. After just a couple of weeks, he boasted winnings of over $6 million only to pilfer most of them away almost as quickly.

In fact, things have gotten so bad, that following a weekend in which Isildur1 lost close to $3 million, he is now officially facing a deficit. At this current pace, many believe the time is quickly approaching that he will soon be out of the headlines once and for all, because he will be broke. The deficit is now at close to $900,000, the last $2 million of which went to high stakes pro Ziigmund. Reportedly, CardRunners member, Brian Townsend was able to get a piece as well.

On the identity front, though no one knows who Isildur1 actually is, we can cross one name off the list, Viktor “blom30” Blom, who recently flat out denied being the maniacal online poker player. Blom was responded to a blog post by fellow pro Tony G who seemingly outed him as being the player. In addition, there was also the following chat box exchange during Ziigmund’s matchup with Isildur1:

Ziigmund: u r nice guy
Ziigmund: and pretty viktor
Isildur1: lol Ziigmund: :- )
Isildur1: can u atlest reload finnish superstar
Ziigmund: :- )

Lending to the speculation is the fact that Isildur did not deny being Viktor Blom during this chat though it is important to recognize that he did not confirm it either.

Eventually, one would think that the truth will reveal itself, but for now at least, the mystery shall remain.