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Isildur1 Drops $300K at PokerStars

by Omar

No matter how this will shake out long term, one thing is becoming more and more obvious by the day; single-handedly, Isildur1 has the online poker world buzzing on a daily basis, each time he sets upon a virtual table at his new home at PokerStars. Already one thing is clear, the anonymous Swedish pro has clearly brought his fearless approach with him from his Full Tilt days.

In his first official session as a PokerStars pro, Isildur1 promptly won $287K in a marathon 14 hour session. As a follow up, just 2 days later, he went ahead and lost back that amount plus over $10K more as he posted a massive $300K losing session which must have other nosebleed players chomping at the bit to sit down with him and take some more of his bankroll away. As rumors and speculation abound regarding his actual identity on PokerStars, Isildur1 gave away most of his day’s losses to Phil Galfond, an adversary from his not so long ago Full Tilt days while playing $100/$200 Pot Limit Omaha, the game which he is still not very good at. Why he chooses to play those stakes at such a high limit while he is still learning the game is a question that no one, except perhaps hopeless degenerate gamblers can answer.

While this swing may seem extreme, anyone who has followed Isildur1’s online career knows this is nothing new. In November 2009, Isildur1 amassed over $4 million in winnings in just a few weeks time, only to lose it all back almost as quickly as he won it.

PokerStars players and observers are definitely in for a treat as Isildur1 will break some bankrolls, build up others and entertain all in the process.

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