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Isildur1 Accepts Party Poker Invitation

by Poker Team

Last week it was reported that Tong G. and PartyPoker representatives had reached out to wildly popular and anonymous online poker phenom Isildur1 about participating in the UK’s popular PartyPoker Big Game IV in London. This cash game series is the most popular cash game event in the UK for the year and is set to take place from April 11th to the 13th.

Curious poker fans need not hold their breath any longer as just yesterday an organizer of the Big Game confirmed via press release that the unknown Swede has accepted. In the statement, Matchroom Sport Managing Director Eddie Hearn said,

“It was important to me that Isildur1 made his first major TV appearance on one of our shows. Tony and I have worked hard to ensure this happened and we are delighted to welcome him to the PartyPoker Big Game IV. Quite simply, this will be the most hotly anticipated poker show of all time.”

You can be sure that for the next two week the message boards and blogs will be abuzz with this news. This is going to rank up there with some of the most watched poker shows of all time. It is still yet to be determined whether Isildur1 will wear some type of costume or mask to hide his identity. According to Tony G, who will be staking Isildur1 in this game, there is a chance the unknown player will use this forum to reveal his true identity as he is acutely aware that the whole poker world will be watching.

It may not be long before we all find out if the rumor that Isildur1 is actually Viktor Blom is true. Either way, it will be quite difficult to live up to all the hype that has been generated. The irony lies in the fact that if Isildur1 is someone very well-known already, revealing his identity may actually be a disappointment and cause him to lose some of the aura around him.

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