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Is Pitbull Poker Running a New Scam

by Poker Team

For the third time in less than a week, embattled online poker site, Pitbull Poker is back in the news once again. As was previously reported, the site, which has ceased operations amid allegations of using superuser accounts to cheat its customers out of money, as well as having their leadership placed under arrest, did some curious tweaking to their website yesterday. Customers looking for information logged into the site yesterday and were surprised to see a message saying that the site was in fact officially closed.

However, curiously, that wasn’t the only thing they found. In addition to the vague announcement, players were greeted by five new affiliate banners promoting other sites. It is common knowledge that clicking on these banners and then proceeding to sign up for a site provides the owner of the banner to get a piece of any rake action generated by the new accounts. What is unclear however is who is the owners are and what accrued funds will be used for. If someone from Pitbull is attempting to use these tools as a way of generating funds to pay off angry customers, then this is a positive development. However, if the affiliate accounts are another last ditch effort by the wrongdoers to continue to profit at the expense of others than it truly is another despicable show of greed.

The message of the closing simply stated,

“: “It is with great sadness that we have closed Pitbull Poker. To cash out your balance, please e-mail”

Players are suspicious as to whether or not Pitbull customer service, which was lacking in usefulness in the past would really do all they could to pay people back.

Near the statement, in full view are the new banners which says, “Pitbull Poker Recommends the following Gaming Websites.” The sites listed are Cake Poker, Rushmore Casino, PokerStars, Bookmaker, and Aladdin’s Gold.

Experts in the industry, including Michael Scott, Operations Manager of, when reached for his comments said,

“Becoming an affiliate of a poker room is not a difficult thing to do; however, I believe it is the affiliate’s responsibility to disclose to the customer that they are in fact operating as an affiliate. If Pitbull is doing this to try to raise revenue so they can pay out their customers, then that is a win-win situation for the customer, but if they are doing this to line their own pockets even more, that is inexcusable. I would hope that it is the former and not the latter. I guess time will tell as to what they are really trying to do.”

This viewpoint is a clear synopsis of what online players are thinking about this site. Would regulation alleviate some of these risks? That question is sure to be debated as well.

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