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Is Fossilman Extinct From PokerStars?

by Omar

The winds of change continue to swirl around the top online poker sites.  Over the past year, virtually every  site has gone through major changes in the ranks of their sponsored pros.  Full Tilt Poker, Cake Poker, Bodog Poker, Lock Poker,, and even Doyle’s Room, have all mad some type of modifications to who represents their site. Perhaps it’s a result of people always looking for the next new thing or because sites are cognizant of recruiting pros that represent the constant evolution of the game.  Whatever the reason, as the saying goes, “Time are a-changing.”

Just a month ago, PokerStars, the world’s largest online poker site sent shockwaves through the poker landscape with their biggest signing in years, the defection of Isildur1 from the site which gave him his biggest stage, Full Tilt Poker.  Since Isildur1’s, whose real name is Viktor Blom, arrival, PokerStars has once again become the place to be for railbirds to watch the biggest games on the internet. They have created a big promotion in his honor and their most recognizable representative, Daniel Negreanu is rumored to be in training to square off against him.  However, today, Stars is in the news because of a rumor swirling that they may be, or already have, cut ties with one of the biggest ambassadors of the game, 2004 World Series of Poker Main Event chamption, Greg “Fossilman” Raymer.

Since launching himself onto the national stage over six years ago, Raymer has done a great deal of work to improve the state of the game of poker as a whole. He is a very active and vocal member of the Poker Players Alliance and he has enjoyed a consistent level of success at the tables which has distanced himself from other potential flash in the pan Main Event winners (Jamie Gold anyone?)  The rumor mill got started yesterday afternoon when fellow pro Kathy Liebert sent out a speculative Tweet that said : “I heard that PokerStars was cutting many of their Team Pros’ compensation. Take it or leave it. Greg Raymer left it.  I think it’s a bad business decision to cut their pay, but most won’t have a better offer, so they stay.”

The Tweet started a firestorm of speculation on top online poker forum with fans far and wide weighing in on the developing story.  Attentive posters noted that Raymer’s photo no longer appears on the website, a telltale sign of a fractured relationship. At present time, neither PokerStars, nor Raymer has commented on the rumors.

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