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Is a Sequel to Rounders in the Cards?

by Poker Team

Many have tried but very few have succeeded.  When it comes to making a quality movie about poker, that statement is undeniably the truth.  However, movie and poker fans alike will surely be excited to learn that there exists a very real possibility that the creators and actors behind the best poker movie to date, Rounders, are seriously mulling a potential sequel.

In an online interview, actor Matt Damon, who played the lead character in the film, Mike McDermott said

“Everybody would probably come back. The actors all had a really good time working together. I know Edward would want to do it; we had a blast working together. [Director] John Dahl I’m sure would like to do it. Maybe someday it will happen.  The only reason to do a movie like that would be if we had a great idea. If the two writers suddenly said eureka! We have a great idea. Then everyone involved would be interested in exploring it.”

Damon’s assessment is one in which the original film’s creators echo as well.  When reached for comment, one of the writers, David Levien said

“We’ve been concentrating on Rounders 2 lately; Ideas are percolating.  It’s great to know that all of the original players want to come back and do another one.”

These statements are a bit of a contrast to reports that Lavien and co-writer Brian Koppleman had signed up Leonardo DiCaprio to star in a Rounders sequel centering around offshore online casinos and online poker rooms.  While it is in fact true that this particular movie is in the pipeline, it is not actually connected in any way to the Rounders movie.

The original Rounders is easily the most influential and discussed poker movie ever made.  Most players in the New York City area would agree that during most sessions, it is commonplace for someone to make some type of reference to the 11 year old movie. That type of shelf life would be hard to exceed or even match.  Poker players from all around should be hopeful for this however.

  • Alex

    Rounders = Very overrated

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